Discovery Services

Our professionals can secure, search, locate and organise electronic data stored on any electronic media such as hard disks, laptop computers, media players or any type of digital media to assist lawyers, investigators or law enforcement agencies. Our specialists have the expertise and advanced tools to secure, gather examine, identify and extract any number of files, folders and data from which they will provide the evidence you need in preparing and presenting your case. We will organize and present the data accurately, methodically, cost-effectively and will structure and present it in a format that is admissible and reliable in a civil tribunal or any court of law.

Key discovery benefits include the following:

  • Rapid search and retrieval: Speed identification and collection of business, legal, and regulatory information when you use our discovery solutions;
  • Early case assessment: Quickly determines the merit of a case and understands your negotiation leverage early in the legal process; and
  • Audit trails: Verify compliance through audit trails that help protect against severe fines, damaging publicity, and potential criminal investigations.
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